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JMDM are the leading manufacturer of metal detector. JMDM detectors are suitable for almost any kind of industry. We are pleased if you would find something that is suitable for your desire at this web sites.
Using the request form, please feel free to ask us when you have interests in our products. E-Mail Overseas Department for information specific to your application.

Generally, there are two major types of metal detectors as below;

*Iron, magnetic substance detector;
Iron piece detectors, needle detectors.
Widely used in textile mills, paper mills, and raw material industry.

*Iron, Stainless steel, Aluminum detectors as all metal detectors;
Widely used in food industry.
Also, used in security purpose as at the air ports, police, and so on.

If you have any problem in metal detection, please ask us now! We have a solution for you...

Company Profile

Japanese Metal Detector Manufacturing was founded in 1972, as a hub company of ORB GROUP. As the company name describes, JMDM has become the world's leading supplier of in-line quality control inspection equipment for the nonwoven and textile industry. Metal detectors are not for personal use, but the detector in the airports are well known. However it is the inspection machinery for cloths, bedding, foods, snacks and so on, and also for police, guarding company.

Company Name Japanese Metal Detector Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Established December 25, 1972
Capital JYP 48,000,000
Head Office 1-27, Misaki-cho, Ibaraki-city, 567-0024 OSAKA JAPAN
phone: +81-72-627-4553 fax: +81-72-627-4571 / 626-6967
Tokyo Branch 1-17-8 Motoasakusa, Taito-ku, 111-0041 Tokyo
phone: +81-3-5828-6551 fax: 3-5828-6450
Nagoya Branch 4-4-7-405 Shinsei, Ichinomiya-city, 491-0912 Aichi
phone: +81-586-45-9153 fax: +81-586-45-9154

With installations in over 20 countries worldwide, JMDM is chosen as the "standard" by the world's largest textile companies.
JMDM's product expertise is in the detection and elimination of metal contamination from roll or packaged product.

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